When the Water Flows

South Lakeland ‘artivist’ Marianne Birkby (pictured), founder of the pressure group Radiation Free Lakeland, has produced and published a Raymond Briggs-style picture book in her efforts to continue the campaign against plans to create the world’s first high level nuclear waste dump in West Cumbria.

When the Water Flows takes its inspiration from Briggs’ When the Wind Blows, published in 1982 when the continuing proliferation of nuclear weapons created widespread fear of the possibility of global conflict.

Just as When the Wind Blows confronted gentle, optimistic couple Jim and Hilda Bloggs with the horrors of nuclear conflagration, When the Water Flows features retired Cumbrian farmer Tom and his wife and grandchildren, trying to makes sense of Government proposals to find ‘geologically suitable’ sites for the burial of nuclear waste – one of which might be on their doorstep.

A link to the online version of the book has been sent to all Cumbrian councillors and members of the West Cumbria MRWS Partnership.

When the Water Flows can be previewed and purchased at blurb.com, priced £17.80 (softcover) or £24.80 (hardcover).

Marianne Birkby is also organising Rock Solid? Expo, an exhibition and series of events at Kendal Museum from 24 March to 19 May 2012, which will further examine the issues of nuclear waste disposal in Cumbria’s “leaky geology”.