The Weekly Poem #40


Sue Kindon
Settling In

I could get used to living
in this translucent village
where the smell of bread baking
is a handshake, or a kiss on each cheek,
as a neighbour strims our track
then brings quince jelly.

I could get used to living
in this brittle body.
I will walk it in the mountains
to tire it of self-pity; lend it my reading glasses,
the better to see through its own

I could get used to living.



Sue Kindon writes: “I shut the door on poetry when I left Hull (where I studied English and French), but failed to barricade it with sufficient heavy furniture so that, one day, when I was least expecting it, poetry burst back in on me.” She is a member of The Brewery Poets group in Kendal, and divides her time between the Pennines and the Pyrenees.


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