The Weekly Poem #34


John Rice
The Briggflatts Children

There they go, clouds lugging
wagon-loads of themselves over the Howgills,
carrying nothing but the usual novelties.

There they go, three trunk rivers, Clough,
Dee and Rawthey all lolloping south-west,
pummelling earth into mud, piling soil into silt.

There they go, a spilt quiver of Briggflatts children
scampering in the graveyard, tampering with time,
leap-frogging tombstones.



John Rice is a poet, photographer, and storyteller who also organises the Write Idea festival in Sedbergh, England’s Book Town. He has published 13 books of poetry for both adults and children, including Bears Don’t Like Bananas, Dreaming Of Dinosaurs, and Guzzling Jelly With Giant Gorbelly. He works extensively in schools, and from 2008 to 2010 was Glasgow’s Subway Poet-in-Residence.


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