Nicholson re-discovered

“Until I moved to Cumbria last year”, writes Paul Kingsnorth, “I had never heard of the poet Norman Nicholson. Then, for almost a year, I lived in Cumbria without ever having heard of the poet Norman Nicholson. It was only when I was recently alerted to his work by a friend – ironically, as will soon become clear, a friend from London – that I thought I had better look him up.

I’m glad I did. Nicholson was, it turns out, a very good poet. He is also an overlooked one. He has a Faber Collected edition out, but he has been largely bypassed in the story of English poetry in the twentieth century. True, he’s not in the same league as a Hughes or an Auden, but he is, it seems to me, a better and more important writer than his lack of profile would suggest.”

Read the rest on The Dark Mountain blog.

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