National Poetry Day on Radio Cumbria

These poems were assembled on the Liz Rhodes Show on BBC Radio Cumbria on National Poetry Day, Thursday 7 October 2010.

One line – Next door’s floral washing fills in the breeze – was given to listeners as an example of the ‘snapshot’ approach we wanted to take. As random lines were sent in they were cut and pasted into the forms below, and then read aloud on the programme.


Photos of old,
wedding presents packed away in the garage.
No longer home now you aren’t here
to hold me close, to dry my tears.


At the end of the track, my last port of call.
Distant shrieks of playing children muffled by the trees.
This nest feels empty now the children have flown.


That welcome hug as you step through the door.
Flitting birds, butterflies, the buzzing of the bees.
The aroma of home baking roaming though the house.
An orchard full of plums and laden apple trees.
Sweet-smelling apple pie wafts through the yard.
Grandad in the greenhouse, Nana picking peas.


The glowing fire dancing in the grate,
Nanny Miller sleeping in her velvet chair.
Glance up from my book, firelogs crackle.
The gentle breath of sleeping babes.


The pair of empty glasses
hinting at last night’s celebrations,
excitement still scattered liberally around the room.
The bottle of Grecian giving away his true age.


Cat in the window – sunbeams captured in his sparkling fur.
Our ferrets try again to escape their run.
The ring of the phone and a sad voice says,
Things have gone wrong and I want to go home.


Next door’s floral washing fills in the breeze –
and so would mine, were it not for these knees.

To listen using BBC iPlayer, click here and use the slider to take you 2′ 38″ into the programme.

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