Litfest is looking for Singles

These chapbooks offer an opportunity to get work out to an audience before it is completed, or for a small, exclusive project to find an audience. Submissions could take the form of extracts of a novel, or a longer piece of non-fiction; a single story, or several; a sequence of poems, or a single long one.

Each writer will have a discreet online chapbook. The chapbooks will be published consecutively. Submission guidelines are as follows:

1. Submit up to 5,000 words in prose, either as chapters of an unpublished novel, short stories (or story), or non-fiction; OR up to 700 lines of poetry.

2. Email submissions only.

3. Send all work as a single attachment, as a Word document if possible, rtf file if not. Please put your name in the document’s footer, with page numbers and the document’s name. Prose to be double-spaced, poetry not. Please set your page to A4 portrait (you can find this in the page setup).

4. Please give your home address and/or North West connection in the email and a brief publication CV.

5. Submissions to Flax023 – 025 are welcome 1 – 27 October 2010.

6. Use Singles for the subject line of the email, and send to [email protected]

If you have questions concerning the submissions procedure, please contact Sarah Hymas by email.

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