Get your manuscript professionally read:

Want to hTLC logoave your manuscript professionally read and critiqued?

As some of you may remember, we’ve offered this before. We’re part of The Literary Consultancy’s ‘Free Reads’ scheme. This means that we can offer a number of these critical reads, from professional readers at The Literary Consultancy, for free.


Here’s what to you need to know:

The Free Read scheme is for low-income, high-quality writers. It is open to writers across all forms and genres: fiction, poetry, short stories, scripts and screenplays and radio plays.

Deadline: postmarked Saturday 28th February 2015

Who can submit?

We’re looking for low-income writers, living in Cumbria.

Proof of low income could consist of (but is not limited to) proof of pension, or student ID, or proof of unemployment. If you have any questions about what constitutes low income, please email.

What should I submit?

This is largely up to you. You can submit complete or partial manuscripts, but bear in mind that we will be looking for pieces that are as close to completion as possible, so that the feedback will be as useful to you as possible.

You can submit: fiction / poetry / short stories / scripts / screenplays / radio plays.

How should I submit it?

Post your manuscript to:

New Writing Cumbria
c/o Eden Arts
Old Fire Station
Bridge Lane
CA11 8HY

Your manuscript needs to reach us by Saturday 28th February. We are sorry, but we are unable to accept email submissions.

Please see below for formatting requirements, as The Literary Consultancy are unable to accept incorrectly formatted work. Also please read the Submission Guidelines before:

Submission Guidelines:

  • All clients must complete the Application form at: and attach two copies to their manuscript, along with two copies of their proof of low income status.
  • One application is filed with New Writing Cumbria and the other application is sent along with the manuscript to the TLC office.
  • Never send an original copy and always keep a copy of what you send. We do not accept responsibility for documents lost in the post.
  • Include a SAE if you want TLC to return your manuscript. We will not return a manuscript if you have not included an SAE. (Make sure that the value of the stamps attached covers the weight / size of the manuscript to be returned.)
  • Formatting for short stories and all fiction and non-fiction submissions – Double spaced and in a 12 point standard font.
  • All extracts should be consecutive and numbered. Starting from page one, and NOT comprised of several extracts. These will not be accepted.
  • For all fiction and non-fiction entries – please include a 1-2 page synopsis or basic outline of your ideas and a description of your intended audience/ market. Please also indicate what genre you are writing in.
  • For short stories – please include the total word count of each short story separately if necessary on the cover letter.
  • For poetry – clients must include a total word count for each poem at the bottom of each poem, and include total word count of all the poems added together on the cover letter. Poems should be formatted in their intended publication format.
  • Once TLC has received and processed your manuscript, you will receive a confirmation email along with a due date for your report. Please do not contact the TLC office about your report before the due date.
  • Please note that the assessment report will be sent within 6-8 weeks although this is not a formal guarantee.
  • Please note that all material, both the information about the writer and the submission, is kept confidential.
  • Please complete the evaluation survey which TLC will send per email when you receive your report after 6-8 weeks. We ask that writers take some time to properly consider the assessment before going ahead with the evaluation.
  • More submission tips from The Literary Consultancy.