Ear ear

In collaboration with Edinburgh-based Maison Vee’s jewellery, Maryport-based The Journal and Original Plus Publications has announced the free-to-enter Silversmith Poetry Competition.

But not that free – all poems entered have to be about earrings. Other than that the poems can take whatever form the author wishes – from haiku through sestina to sonnet to vers libre.

Not only will the winning earring poem be published in The Journal, but its author will also get to choose a pair of Maison Vee earrings.

And if anyone thinks an earring not amenable to verse … Come now. A great painting featured an earring, as did a whole novel. And how many other tales turn on the discovery/loss of a single earring?

Send all entries – marked ‘Competition’ – to Sam Smith at The Journal – smithsssj@aol.com.

Closing date will be mid-November, winner announced end November 2012.