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Cumbrian poet is mslexic

Congratulations to Polly Atkin from Grasmere, winner of the Mslexia Pamphlet Competition with her pamphlet Shadow Dispatches. The prize is publication by Seren Books in March 2013.

Seren editor and competition judge Amy Wack said: “Her poems were both artfully discursive and beautifully succinct – and many surprised me. I loved the way they skewed from straightforward narrative towards metaphors that were sometimes quite outlandish but always beautifully realised.”


The LBD and Ave Maria

In 1926, Coco Chanel launched her ‘Ford’ dress, the first definitive Little Black Dress (LBD), onto the haute couture scene. Both practical and chic, the LBD has since – allegedly – become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Elizabeth Stott’s been blogging about its continuing allure and has been squeezing into one for choir concerts. She makes the case for Little Red Numbers too, with a naughty little poem called ‘The Undoing’ …

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In their own words

“All I get is a pompous self-important leaf-eater asking Where is your sign for this? Where is your sign for that? Why have you not got a sign saying Fire Extinguisher above the fire extinguisher that’s painted bright red with Fire Extinguisher written in bold white writing on it??”

As an ‘embedded’ war artist, Derek Eland found that some of his subjects got more wound up by the Health & Safety bods than they did by the Taliban … Read more>>