Event #1 in Pictures

Our first event at Penrith Old Fire Station went down a storm!

The event featured poet Kareem Parkins-Brown, musicians Kev Kendal and Bill Lloyd, writer Stephen Redman, and filmmaker Richie Johnston.

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We want your words (and other things, too)


We’re creating a new online publication, and we’re calling it… The Carrot.

It’s going to be a celebration of the best new writing in Cumbria. It’s also going to be a magazine with a bit of a difference.

Firstly, it is an ONLINE magazine. Digital. Not book shaped. This allows it to show writing in other ways. Like music and film. (After all, even films without dialogue are scripted. Want an example? Oh, go on then.)

Secondly, it won’t just feature writing. This allows it to appeal to people who might not initially think they’re interested in writing. (The more people who stumble on our words, the better, right?)

Issue #1 theme: Cumbria-land 

New writing: prose, poetry, crosswords, reviews, scripts, memoir, journalism. Max words: 1000.

Also: photos, pictures, video, music, animation… The list continues.

Got something on the theme that you’d like to contribute?

Deadline: 10th November

We will accept previously published work, but make sure you let us know if and where it has been published before.

Send your work via email to: katie@edenarts.co.uk

Please include your name and a brief bio (max 60 words).


This publication is part of our Arts Council funded project, Rabbit Rabbit (rabbit).

We’re still looking for people to help us put this publication together, so if you want to be involved, let us know.

Anyone can submit their work to The Carrot, but the editorial committee must be between ages 15-24. More details here.


Don’t forget – our other publication opportunity is still open. You can still tweet your creative thoughts about any of the themes surrounding Penrith Winter Droving, for display during the event. Don’t forget to include #thedroving so your tweet gets noticed.


Unfortunate Event #1


Kareem Parkins-Brown (photo by Mark Allan)

Kareem Parkins-Brown (photo by Mark Allan)

That’s right: poetry, music, fiction, and a little bit of film. Oh, and did we mention the bar?

When? Saturday 4th October, 7:30pm (doors open at 7pm)

Where? Penrith Old Fire Station
Bridge Lane, Penrith, CA11 8HY

Poetry from Kareem Parkins Brown (We paid for him to come up from London!)
Fiction from Stephen Redman (We paid for him to come from Carlisle.)
Film from Richie Johnston (He’s coming on his skateboard from round the corner…)
Live music, open mic and a bar

How much? Pay to get out.
(It’s pay what you like as you leave – so you give us whatever you think the event was worth.)

This is the official launch night of Rabbit Rabbit (rabbit): our new young writer development programme, funded by Arts Council England and managed by Eden Arts. Come along to find out what it’s all about, to read out some of your own writing, or just to sit back with a drink and soak up some great performances.

Open mic:

Got some writing you’d like to share? Prose? Poetry? Anything else? Bring it along.

You’ll be able to sign up to read or perform on the night. Each person will get a maximum of 3 minutes to showcase their stuff.

If you’re a musician and would like to play as part of the open mic, there will be a mic for vocals, but the rest of the music has to be accoustic. Just one song, and we don’t want your set-up to be longer than your performance – so no wheeling in your grand piano, please. (Drop us an email if you’ve got any questions.)

Brief Words at Penrith Winter Droving

The chance to have your work featured as part of Penrith Winter Droving!

Winter Droving

Write us something inspired by any aspect of Penrith’s Winter Droving (agriculture / masks / community / procession – anything that takes your fancy). We’ll pick our favourites to be displayed in Penrith during The Winter Droving on November 30th.

The catch? It has to fit into a single tweet!

That’s 140 characters, including spaces and punctuation. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #thedroving to get our attention (and yes, that does count as part of your 140 characters).

We’d prefer you to enter by tweeting your poem / prose piece / microfiction. (If we like it, we’ll also retweet!) You can find us on twitter as @NWCumbria.

But if you really really don’t want to tweet, you can send your entry by email.

Our favourites will then be displayed around town as part of the Winter Droving on Saturday 15th November.

You can find out more about the event itself here.

website disaster!!

Unfortunately…we have suffered as total loss of our website data (unsmiley face)….please bear with us while we restore ourselves to some kind of normality.  We are looking upon this as a spring clean that allows us to START AGAIN and have a better website!! (always look on the bright side of life etc)